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Role of Analytics in Smart City Management | PCMC times | news in pune

Smart city is not a concept, nor it is a phrase. In the most elementary way a smart city can be regarded as a city where the standard of living is high as compared to other cities in the country. The smart city dream was envisioned by the prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi in 2015 with a mission of making them sustainable and citizen friendly in all possible ways.

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IT driven Smart manufacturing | PCMC news | latest news in pune

"Come, Make in India" Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a clarion call to the world in his lady Independence Day address, welcoming worldwide and Indian firms to set up assembling bases in India. 

The legislature is finding a way to expel key obstructions confronted by Indian makers, similar to motivations, work laws, arrive acquisitions and so forth. In any case, one angle which is over looked in this computerized time of associated world, eCommerce and long range informal communication is the buyer conduct, which has changed definitely. 

This calls for changes in the way assembling is done today. In the course of recent decades, producing has developed from a more work concentrated arrangement of mechanical procedures (customary assembling) to a complex arrangement of data innovation based procedures (propelled Smart assembling). 

Selection of new advanced innovations can without much of a stretch decrease costs by 20 – 30% by enhanced capital and work use which will make 'Made in India' items focused. The requirement for a cloud based IT driven assembling stage for use by Indian SME producers who can't manage the cost of putting resources into IT apparatuses, to make them aggressive is talked about in this paper. 

New Age Consumer – A carefully empowered buyer in the Connected world 

Buyers are driving the "speed of business" in assembling today. Obtaining designs have been totally re-imagined by the broad accessibility of data through informal organizations and its quick transmission by means of a tremendous scope of new cell phones. With more than 7 billion dynamic portable associations, customers today are all around educated about market items, costs, and elements. They are brand skeptic and analyze, select, or dispose of numerous items with only a tap on their tablet. They are progressively anxious as well: they would prefer not to hold up and they simply need it now. This current buyer's acquiring style and shorter item life cycles are affecting the entire assembling esteem chain and calls for changes in the way we make items. 

Brilliant Manufacturing-To Stay Competitive in the Connected World 

Through innovation, for example, request detecting, fabricating knowledge, stack adjusting, coordinated assembling procedures and inventory network administration, it is conceivable to address today's purchasers and create items in India which are comprehensively aggressive. Having comprehended the requirement for change, we need to take a gander at a portion of the zones which require changes. 

1. Advanced Integrated Production Planning and Shop Floor Control: 

At present many assembling ventures utilize ERP frameworks to a specific degree while a large portion of the assembling operations like Scheduling, Maintenance, crude material control and SCM capacities are finished utilizing spread sheets , work cards and messages or, best case scenario with remain solitary instruments, with no continuous information stream crosswise over capacities . Most assembling organizations have not accomplished an entire incorporation of data stream along the operation procedure. This extraordinarily influences the profitability and expands the assembling cost. By incorporating data stream utilizing propelled producing IT apparatuses amid all means of operations, the perceivability required to legitimately deal with the end-to-end procedures can be accomplished. 

2. Store network Visibility: 

It is a key thing which helps in controlling the crude material and last item accessibility at the ideal time and cost. Throughout the years, SCM has seen sending of various different computerized devices, making a siloed framework that mutilates end-to-end perceivability. An incorporated instrument can help connect these availability holes. 

3. Cloud Based ERP: 

Many organizations are currently beginning to move far from utilizing As a part of house ERP frameworks to interface with the outside world and depend on cloud-based business arranges. Interfacing with their exchanging accomplices in the cloud enables organizations to share the greater part of that cleverness produced on the industrial facility floor amid the assembling procedure with the whole esteem chain continuously. It's as yet far for some organizations, yet some have as of now began the excursion. 

4. Web-based social networking Influence and Data Analytics: 

Web-based social networking significantly impact the customer buy choices and thus examination of this immense information is important to roll out the obliged improvements to the item to perpetually changing shopper desires. 

5. 3D Printing: 

3D printing (or 'added substance assembling') is a potential plan of action disruptor and market-creator. The cost and productivity advantages are clear – the capacity to deliver little parcel or exceedingly redid parts in an 'on-request' setting. Reconciliation of added substance producing, into existing production network, develops capacity and empowers to tap quickly rising open doors 

The path Forward: 

The appropriation of IT driven assembling, will require extra interests in IT apparatuses and preparing which numerous SMEs and even huge assembling undertakings are as yet hesitant to do. Consequently government ought to turn out with preparing programs at financed rates to make the SMEs comprehend the advantages of IT driven assembling. 

Government ought to likewise converse with driving IT apparatus sellers to give a cloud based Digital Manufacturing stage to SMEs at a sensible cost and give motivating forces to organizations receiving IT driven assembling. Then again with the solid nearness of IT administrations organizations in India with mastery in Digital endeavour arrangements, Government ought to empower building an "Indian Digital Manufacturing Platform" with numerous assembling related modules considering the different prerequisites material to Indian conditions. This stage can be facilitated in cloud and can be utilized by Indian assembling organizations at an ostensible cost to make them aggressive. 

With Indian government's arranged billions of dollars speculations to empower nationwide rapid network, it is simpler to receive IT driven assembling even in remote places and make items which are internationally focused.


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Evolution of VoLTE to 5G | PCMC Times | Pimpri News


The number of mobile phone users in India is approximate 1.03 billion as of April 2016. Considering that the limited bands available for mobile communication, catering the needs of 1 billion plus people is a challenge. The circuit switch network calling provides the reliability but lacks the flexibility and bandwidth efficiency.

All cellular operators around the world want to handle maximum cellular communication traffic with a limited bandwidth. The rising demand of mobile phones has also indicated towards a trend towards high rise in demand of data services. IP switched network provided the solution of being able to voice and data in an efficient way. VoLTE is the technology which enables voice over LTE (Long Term Evolution).LTE is a 4G technology, an upgrade over HSDPA+ which supported circuit switched for voice and packet switching technology for data services. Within 4G, VoLTE supports data and voice both over packet switching technology.
Although 4G is relatively new to Indian Telecom Industry, 3GPP has already focussing on 5G and has already outlined the potential standards towards 5G era. The transformation to 5G from 4G would be planned and gradual .The plan is to have a 5G ready platform ready by 2020 for a full launch .5G is a next generation technology which will not only provide a higher speed but a single integrative platform which will support to M2M along with scalability for it.
The digital divide in India is being bridged by the Indian Government using Digital India programme. Under this plan all the machines could be connected to each other on one compatible high speed platform. With IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) already being implemented by different industries like manufacturing, IoT for daily applications doesn’t seem distant. Smart factories promise to bring efficiency and synchronisation at a grander scale.
The challenges involved in upgrading to 5G involve an extensive rollout of VoLTE assuring a pan-India coverage. It means covering all 6 lakh villages in India with every single mobile phone user being able to access VoLTE. In order to achieve that India needs a 4G ecosystem which includes availability of VoLTE handsets at affordable prices. The rollout plan must involve 3C’s , Connectivity, Content and Customer base. An ecosystem with the 3Cs will be able to sustain and evolve to 5G smoothly.
To entice the customer to buy ones services a cellular operator needs to go beyond limits and provide content for the customers which would be provided through their LTE network.In other way a customer should get a one SIM solution for all the services one expects from a high speed broadband.
Although India’s biggest mobile operator was the first one to rollout 4G services in 2012
Connectivity happens to be a big challenge in a geo-diverse country like India which has hills, plains as well as terrains. A well laid optical fibre could be the only solution to assure connectivity of all regions in India. With government regulations and higher laying costs, the ROI would only be achieved when there is a higher subscription to their services. Having maximum number of users on VoLTE would ensure an efficient use of wireless bandwidth as well as the extensively laid optical fibre network.
India’s largest mobile operator was the first one to rollout LTE services in 2012 in 4 cities. But they did not plan to provide voice services over their LTE networks. It was one of India’s largest conglomerates which identified the opportunity and scope in 2010 and acquired a company holding 2300MHz BWA (Bandwidth Wireless Access) license. They started with a plan to lay down 2.7 lakh km of optical fibre across the country. The layout was done strategically, different from the existing network laid by other companies connecting areas to each other which weren’t initially.
The new ambitious entrant took time to be thorough with their network rollout before opening the services to all. By targeting a 90% market share in India, the company plans to be the pioneer when it will come to 5G services planned to be up for use in 2020.
The company even used biometric based e-verification process, first of its kind to provide their SIM card after their soft launch in October 2016.The AADHAR card link up fastened the verification process making it easier for customers to acquire their services in the first place. This method clarified how serious the company is in implementation of Digital India which has a vision to digitise all social services and making it easier for people especially in rural areas.
The evolution from VoLTE to 5G won’t be an easy transition but one operator from India has set its site on 2020 and has been executing their plans accordingly.With the way things are going it seems India will be one of the first nations to launch 5G services with the support of one visionary cellular operator who had foreseen the future.

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Future of data warehousing | PCMC news | pune news

With the ascent of Big Data (and Hadoop), there exist arrangements that are speedier, more adaptable, and ongoing. The old arrangements are moderate, hard to utilize, and costly, making the new arrangements a conspicuous decision. Individuals appear to be debating the time DWs will take to go to the grave.

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Hinjewadi real estate market for many possibilities | PCMC times | news in pune

Pune has seen huge development in its business late circumstances. The work center points of the city have moved far from Bund Garden Road, Deccan and Senapati Bapat Road, towards the fringe business areas (PBD, for example, Hinjewadi. The PBD areas include the real segment of the workplace space in Pune which is pulling in a note worthy piece of working experts. Individuals are additionally moving from different parts of the nation to Hinjewadi.

Growth of commercial activities:

Hinjawadi has the biggest IT Park situated on the Katraj-Dehu Road Bypass on the western side of Pune. Hinjewadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park is the principle complex that is situated close to the Hinjewadi Phase 2 Road. At present, the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park has the IT office groups that have a noteworthy part of space. 

The real big ones, for example, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Capgemini, IBN, and so forth, have their office space in the hall. In any case, greatest improvement and development are occurring in the western zone of the city. 

Wakad is situated beside Hinjewadi, which is pushing interest for private lodging in the area. The homebuyers and the individuals who are searching for lease as a rule incline toward an area close to the working environment. Wakad is situated at a separation of 7 kilometers from Hinjewadi. One can without much of a stretch go to Hinjawadi by means of Hinjewadi Phase 2 Road. While picking activities and territory, the working experts attempt to keep a harmony amongst reasonableness and driving time. Wakad saw considerable improvement because of the request increment from IT Parks situated in Hinjewadi. The working proficient inclines toward Wakad for leasing and purchasing reason. The Infotech and Biotechnology Park at Hinjewadi near the Pune-Mumbai Expressway (west) is likewise pushing the private development among working experts. 

In Hinjawadi, the private township has come to fruition because of new dispatches and tasks. Under the Special Township Policy, numerous new private undertakings in Pune have come up. The Maharashtra Government as of late has amended its lodging approach to assembled savvy city townships and boost the production of urban private bunches in the state. Pune is attempting to manufacture a coordinated township around Hinjewadi and Wakad. Many activities are in different phases of advancement in Pune under the strategy. These are Blue Ridge (Paranjape Schemes), KUL Ecoloch (Kumar Builders), Life Republic (KoltePatil), Xrbia Hinjewadi and Megapolis (Avinash Bhosale Infrastructure Ltd and Kumar Properties). 

Why should you invest here?

It will be a decent time for putting resources into the Wakad-Hinjewadi area as the property costs are falling. There is theory that property costs in both the territories may fall facilitate. After demonetisation, it is normal that throughout the following one year, there might be descending weight on the value inclines in the auxiliary land advertise. The developers and homebuyers are likewise anticipating lucidity on the Goods and Service Tax (GST) and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) as it will get straightforwardness and development the land advertise. 


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Education System to reskill Indian IT professionals | PCMC news | news in pune

There is a lot of discussion on various forums regarding future of Indian IT industry. Most of the discussion is focused reskilling of IT professionals in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), automation, cloud computing, machine learning, and virtual reality. Automation and AI are potentially going to kill almost 100,000 support jobs in the next 2-3 years. Coding and testing are the most inefficient functions in the IT industry. Given this, reskilling is most critical in the next 2-3 years. The big questions are, who will do this?, Is academia prepared to deliver this?, Can an apex body like NASSCOM take the initiative looping in industry and academia?, How much bandwidth companies have to start these programs internally? There are many more questions but these are the key ones.

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Smart Plants or Smart Factories | PCMC times | news in Pune



In today's world the most difficult thing is to retain your customers and how you do that? By creating your demand for the customers so that they have to come to you. Brand loyalty also helps a lot in this part. You need best product for that and for this the operation has to be monitored accurately. In addition to that, the development and sales team need higher efficiency and higher number of productivity. For higher efficiency and better productivity, you need smart plants.

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PokemonGo-a sensation but how did it happen? | PCMC times | pimpri chinchwad news


Yes, a strange thing has happened and in if you are also struggling to figure it out then you are not the only one. 

"Pokemon Go" has happened and it is the uncommon innovative wonder and surprisingly almost no App turned out to be so well known and standard so rapidly - within a week, more than 10 percent of Android cell phones had it introduced, a request of hundred of millions came which was absolutely astonishing.

Children and adults walking down the walkways and parks, holding out cell phones like compasses driving the way. Police and state organizations issuing judgment skills notices about not driving while at the same time catching virtual animals or to keep one's protect up to abstain from getting ransacked in new districts. A dead body was found while playing the amusement and it was unpleasant. In this way, how about we attempt to see how could it happen 

Why all of a sudden Pokemon now? 

"Pokemon Go" depends on a prevalent Japanese establishment that brought forth in the 1990s and is mostly possessed by Nintendo, which for quite a long time has been making catch the-animal diversions, normally gone for children. 

The new amusement is the first to take that idea and make it an undeniable advanced cell diversion for iOS and Android gadgets that enables player to communicate with this present reality utilizing enlarged reality. Utilizing the telephone's camera, you can see Pokemon animals, details and other data overlayed on to genuine situations. The purpose of the amusement is to discover Pokemon animals, catch, redesign and prepare them, and after that contend on one of three groups to assume control areas by taking part in Pokemon fights.

So the game combines a beloved franchise which a lot of millennial grew up with (Pokemon), takes advantage of an emerging technology many are curious about (augmented reality).

But these are not just the only factors why PokemonGo became such a huge sensation. Most people started playing because they saw their friends playing it and it is relatively easy to learn and also there was something new about it. A distraction from real world.

One of the many reasons why it got so big in a small time because it used Bitcoin to grab more eyeballs. Bitcoin is like a virtual currency and bitcoin saw the opportunity to utilise this phenomenon and they did. So, people also started using bitcoin for it thus it helped both parties earn money. And let's not forget that Brexit happened that time so people needed a distraction.

But ironically this game also did not last long. Faded as quickly as it became popular.

What could be the reasons?

May be people found a different distraction. May be people got bored of it or may be some other reason. Well, that's the beauty of 21st century when you have too many apps to serve your boredom.



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Crowdsourcing-A new workforce strategy | PCMC times | pimpri chinchwad news


A successful digital transformation requires new skillsets which is adaptable, changeable, accountable and responsive to business requirements. Nimble and frequent approaches are needed that can be used for new ways of thinking and working.

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How to nurture devoted customers through an artful approach of technology | Pimpri chinchwad news | pune news

As associations advance toward the computerized future, they're discovering that a fruitful client encounter (UX)— which prompts the transformation of clients into practical clients—is vital to business development. Today, we are moving from a universe of one-size-fits-all items and administrations to one in which we make uniquely, customized encounters for the end-client. New companies are setting a quick pace of interruption and new measures for client encounter that set up organizations, paying little respect to industry, must stay aware of. 

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