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PokemonGo-a sensation but how did it happen? | PCMC times | pimpri chinchwad news


Yes, a strange thing has happened and in if you are also struggling to figure it out then you are not the only one. 

"Pokemon Go" has happened and it is the uncommon innovative wonder and surprisingly almost no App turned out to be so well known and standard so rapidly - within a week, more than 10 percent of Android cell phones had it introduced, a request of hundred of millions came which was absolutely astonishing.

Children and adults walking down the walkways and parks, holding out cell phones like compasses driving the way. Police and state organizations issuing judgment skills notices about not driving while at the same time catching virtual animals or to keep one's protect up to abstain from getting ransacked in new districts. A dead body was found while playing the amusement and it was unpleasant. In this way, how about we attempt to see how could it happen 

Why all of a sudden Pokemon now? 

"Pokemon Go" depends on a prevalent Japanese establishment that brought forth in the 1990s and is mostly possessed by Nintendo, which for quite a long time has been making catch the-animal diversions, normally gone for children. 

The new amusement is the first to take that idea and make it an undeniable advanced cell diversion for iOS and Android gadgets that enables player to communicate with this present reality utilizing enlarged reality. Utilizing the telephone's camera, you can see Pokemon animals, details and other data overlayed on to genuine situations. The purpose of the amusement is to discover Pokemon animals, catch, redesign and prepare them, and after that contend on one of three groups to assume control areas by taking part in Pokemon fights.

So the game combines a beloved franchise which a lot of millennial grew up with (Pokemon), takes advantage of an emerging technology many are curious about (augmented reality).

But these are not just the only factors why PokemonGo became such a huge sensation. Most people started playing because they saw their friends playing it and it is relatively easy to learn and also there was something new about it. A distraction from real world.

One of the many reasons why it got so big in a small time because it used Bitcoin to grab more eyeballs. Bitcoin is like a virtual currency and bitcoin saw the opportunity to utilise this phenomenon and they did. So, people also started using bitcoin for it thus it helped both parties earn money. And let's not forget that Brexit happened that time so people needed a distraction.

But ironically this game also did not last long. Faded as quickly as it became popular.

What could be the reasons?

May be people found a different distraction. May be people got bored of it or may be some other reason. Well, that's the beauty of 21st century when you have too many apps to serve your boredom.



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