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Role of Analytics in Smart City Management | PCMC times | news in pune

Smart city is not a concept, nor it is a phrase. In the most elementary way a smart city can be regarded as a city where the standard of living is high as compared to other cities in the country. The smart city dream was envisioned by the prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi in 2015 with a mission of making them sustainable and citizen friendly in all possible ways.

To raise standard of living is not just providing clean water, electricity and housing but it also involves raising the infrastructure as a whole. For a city to truly become smart it must serve its citizens with the latest features both in governance and day to day life. By latest features we not only mean technology, but technology that touches lives’ every day. From Smart metering, Smart parking, Smart electricity, Waste management to Smart governance; everything will play a crucial role in the life of a smart citizen.

Today people generate data every minute in their life’s, the challenge is to read that data and use it for the advancement of the citizen. This is where “the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics” comes into picture i.e. Analytics. Analytics is not only about gathering huge data and performing statistical calculations, the main part is to ask the right question. A smart citizen in a smart city, using smart gadgets and services will generate huge data, which needs to be interpreted in a form that helps the development of the city, citizen and the organization looking to provide services. During the London 2012 Olympics the transport network needed to deal with 1.80 crore journeys made by spectators throughout the city, it was no fluke that the network worked smoothly.

A smart city is proposed to have Wi-Fi at public places and even more. The use of internet by citizen in such places will generate data, this data needs to be understood rightly. With IOT being imbibed and it making every machine capable to communicate the “Big” in “Big Data” will turn to “Huge”. Analytics will not be only used for business purpose but also to identify hidden needs of the citizens. It gives us an idea about the product/service an individual is looking for which sometime even they don’t realise.

Analytics will change the way with which we look at smart cities presently. A whole new world awaits at the other end of analytics.


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