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In today's world the most difficult thing is to retain your customers and how you do that? By creating your demand for the customers so that they have to come to you. Brand loyalty also helps a lot in this part. You need best product for that and for this the operation has to be monitored accurately. In addition to that, the development and sales team need higher efficiency and higher number of productivity. For higher efficiency and better productivity, you need smart plants.

There is an huge amount of work going on, and it has become more critical and challenging than ever to monitor or keep track of the operations on a micro level as well as the workflow as a whole.

The objective of this smart plan is to keep track of the entire manufacturing facility both holistically and on micro level, as well as increasing uptime on machinery.

Smart Plants has consolidated Internet of Things (IoT) advances in the foundation to associate each workstation from every plant corridor to a cloud-based system. It enables information to be remotely operated to by any gadget with a program and web association. All data can be seen through a solitary web application that is intended to give an all encompassing review of the entire production line and in addition execution points of interest of individual workstations. It contains various dashboards that are easy to explore about. Each of them introduces the information assembled by the industrial facility in a usable and sensible way which are visually engaging as well.

Main features and advantages of the solutions:

* Cloud based system

Cloud connectivity offers flexibility and ease of access. All data validation, storage and backup is on the cloud, making it maintenance free and reducing cost. The data transport is through military grade encrypted tunnels so it ensures end-to-end security of the factory’s house data. Moreover it allows personnel to diagnose systems and analyze them remotely. Hence, reducing downtime on work centres.

* Real time status

The data-driven technology enables managers and operators to track real-time performance stats for any workstations on the factory floor, live on the go. They also get alert for situations of notice. Thus, they can ensure timely delivery and best customer service by keeping their customers happy.

* Automated dashboard

Designed to be simple to understand and use, it also allows the employee administering the web product, to configure users and devices from one single portal (among other things). Everything is computed and automated. Thus, making the process easier.

* Integration

This bidirectional method of integration allows real-time status reports, data exchange and control commands, to and from both ends.


Smooth workflow operations 

Predictive maintenance allowing minimum interruption in the production process 

Increased efficiency and increased productivity due to reduced downtime on machinery

Lower operating costs enabled by cloud connectivity 

End-to-end security on data transport 

Factory processes made “lean” through fact-based feedback 

Decreased carbon footprint from efficient use of energy 

24/7 remote monitoring capability 

Improved uptime


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